The Sea

Australian Premiere
Stephen Brown
  • Ciarán Hinds
  • Bonnie Wright
  • Rufus Sewell
  • Charlotte Rampling
M UK/Ireland
89 min
A first-class cast make this an absorbing watch.
- Time Out

Based on John Banville’s Man Booker Prize winning novel, The Sea brings together the immense talents of Bonnie Wright (the Harry Potter series), Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist), Ciarán Hinds (Munich) and the incomparable Charlotte Rampling (Swimming Pool).

Art historian Max Morden (Hinds) returns to the sleepy seaside resort where he spent summers as a child. Grieving after the death of his wife, Max tries to find solace in the distant memories of the summer of 1955. Though through these memories, Max must confront a distant trauma from his past. The Sea is at times elegiac, poetic, and nostalgic; a haunting and uplifting meditation on the human condition.