Jimmy’s Hall

Ken Loach
  • Barry Ward
  • Simone Kirby
  • Andrew Scott
M UK/Ireland/France
109 min
A fascinating episode in Irish history.
- Empire

Directed by BAFTA nominated filmmaker Ken Loach and starring Barry Ward (The Claim) and Simone Kirby (Season of The Witch), Jimmy’s Hall is an inspiring celebration of the spirit of freethinkers.

It’s 1921, Ireland is on the brink of a Civil War, and a man named Jimmy Gralton (Ward) builds a dance hall where young people can go to learn, argue, dream, dance and have fun. Though as the hall and its non-conformist reputation grows in popularity, it attracts the attention of the church and politicians who force the hall to close and Jimmy to leave the country. A decade later, at the height of The Great Depression, Jimmy returns to Ireland, and seeks to reinvigorate the local community by reopening the hall.

*not screening in Perth

  • 2014 Cannes Film Festival

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